Welcome to Cogniscope v. 3.2. Classic

Cogniscope v 3.2. Classic supports the implementation of face-to-face dialogues designed in full compliance with the requirements imposed by the Science of Dialogic Design. The core process is supported by the Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) algorithm as originally proposed by John Warfield. The term SDD, Science of Dialogic Design is a registered collective Trademark by the community of SDD theoreticians and practitioners members of Global Agoras. The original Cogniscope was designed by Aleco Christakis and developed by CWA Ltd. The ISM Algorithm developed by John N. Warfield. Cogniscope v1 and v2 wee developed by Bob Reece under supervision of Aleco Christakis and Kevin Dye. The requirements for Cogniscope v3 were developed by theoreticians and practitioners from across the world, participants in a virtual SDDP organized by Future Worlds Center and the Institute for 21st Century Agoras between May and July 2010. The source code and rights of Cogniscope v2 were donated by Aleco Christakis to Future Worlds Center in 2012. The designs and the programming for the upgrading from v.2 to v.3 were conducted under the supervision of Yiannis Laouris. The programming of v.3 was conducted by Savia Christou and Eleni Philippou. and the graphical designs by Acpa Xydea.

If you want to learn more about SDD, the best place to start is at: https://dialogicdesignscience.wikispaces.com

Price for Single License for Cogniscope v 3.2. Classic €290.

Price for Site License for Cogniscope v 3.2. Classic €900 (max 5 licenses).

Price and Unlimited Site License for Cogniscope v 3.2. Classic €9,900 (unlimited licenses).

All licenses include free lifetime upgrades for Cogniscope v3 and technical support for 1 year.

Participants of the 2010 virtual SDDP are eligible to a free life-long license to Cogniscope v 3.2. Classic.

Please contact Ekkotek to receive Activation Code.



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