ISM parallel is an extension tool of Cogniscope with great and innovative capabilities and available now in Ekkotek's store. 

We present a new wisdom tool that extends CogniScope's capabilities and opens it to those who might wish to enhance the resulting influence map in order to get a more detail and valid map. This tool aims at harnessing the collective intelligence and the collective wisdom of groups to solve real world problems. Download it now! It is compatible with both windows and macOSx!


The Need

Due to the time constraints of participants there is often not enough time to complete the mapping process and enrich the map with as many ideas as possible. This is mainly due to lack of time or the difficulty of arranging a new meeting especially if the dialogue is conducted remotely. Therefore, the users need a special tool to allow this without any further meetings. Furthermore, this tool can be seen as a door opening many prospects in conducting hybrid dialogues.



During the structured dialogue process the group of participants explore the influence of the relationships between pairs of their statements/ideas in order to construct an influence tree. The process utilizes the CogniScope software which assists in automatically producing reports that explain the ideas and the connections among the ideas as they emerge from the dialogue. ISM parallel comes to extend this process by giving participants the option to continue the mapping process individually and asynchronously in order to develop their own map. So the algorithm behind - called ISM algorithm - computes a series of yes/no questions and for each question the user/participant chooses a "Yes" or "No" answer. Then the algorithm constructs a binary matrix for entering the responses. As the process proceeds the algorithm makes logical inferences based upon the responses already given and completes some cells of the matrix automatically. After the question phase the algorithm extracts a multilevel digraph which clarifies the statements/ideas and the interrelations among the statements as they emerge from the participant's answers. Eventually, after the completion of the process by all participants individual maps are collected and summed to produce a final map including all the responses that took the majority.



Our tool is the first and unique tool in the whole planet! As there are only few pioneers - MIT center for collective intelligence, Wisdom Research Network of University of Chicago, Future Worlds Center for collective wisdom - it could be the most competitive product in the world. Furthermore, ISM parallel could assist hybrid dialogues because the mapping process could be conducted asynchronously. In other words you can complete the process individually anytime anywhere and when it is complete by all participants then you can see the resulting map just fetching individual maps together.


Few words about Cogniscope Software

The Cogniscope tool is a well-defined methodology which makes computer assistant useful for individuals and small groups in understanding of complex issues and identifying transitive contextual relations among elements that constitute an issue. It is a wisdom tool that promotes the Structured Dialogic Design Process (SDDP) i.e. a methodology which can be applied to a system - such as a group of stakeholders affected by a common issue - to better understand the interrelations among the system's components. This enables participants to deal with complex issues, learn more about a complex situation from their various perspectives and eventually develop a map with the relationships between the different factors of the issue as they emerge from the dialogue. The whole procedure involves a sequence of six basic steps:

Step 1: Defining the issue and identifying its characteristics

Step 2: Framing and clarifying the triggering question

Step 3: Writing down all participants' ideas accompanied with their clarification.

Step 4: Clustering the ideas

Step 5: Sorting ideas in terms of importance through a voting procedure

Step 6: Exploring the influence of relationships between pairs of ideas in order to construct an influence tree / action roadmap


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